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And do you have a horse race handicap calculator and will you share it? I am looking for a calculator to assist in handicapping races in my area. Does anyone know it? I would like to handicap race only but will not be handicapping it as a handicap in the race. How do I get it? The horse is handicapped and will not start. Any tips you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you in advance .

Horse Racing – Horses have a certain degree of success rate in race track. Usually, it is higher on the long shot horses, but sometimes, it is lower on the short shot ones…. Read More

Horse racing handicap calculator – a guide to race handicaps for both handicapped and racing-bred animals. This tool is made by our loyal readers and is for everyone who is interested in what handicaps to expect in a horse race and the handicapped or racing-bred pets in the same breed. Hint: to find the right handicapping table, enter just the number of handicaps on the page, plus what your pet or a handicapped animal is… Learn More

Pets in the Breed – How much do you know about the breeds of dogs? There’s so much information to sift through. While we can’t go into great detail here, it is a good idea to take stock of all the information a breeder or breeder-sponsor is willing to share about a particular animal. The information gathered on the Internet will be of a much more limited nature. If not, why don’t you explore the breeds of dog a breeder will be willing to share? Read More

Pets and Breeder Information – If you live in Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia, you may be interested in learning about the differences between breeds. Can a certain breed be described as ‘curious’, ‘cute’ or ‘aggressive’? This information may help guide you through the process of finding, adopting or purchasing a pet or pet-breeding or pet-training program. You will need to know: … Read More

How do we know that a horse is not an excellent horse? – There are many variables that determine whether a horse is an excellent horse or not. Some of the major things that a horse may not be a perfect fit for are: • The age of the horse (which determines whether or not he will be strong enough to compete at the highest level he can compete at) • The breed of horse •

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