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“It stands for nap time,” they explain. “If you look at us, people use naps for any purpose — from relaxing to increasing productivity. It’s just in a different context, and the timing has to be special for it.”

A company in San Francisco is bringing it to America. With a $25K sponsorship, the naps business, dubbed The Naps Company, plans to launch in San Francisco in mid-June along with a new app and website.

While it may be a great idea on one level, there are concerns as we’ve seen with other startups (including some in CBRN) that lack the resources to sustain and grow quickly (though you may be able to get your own for a discount).

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Still, I’m glad to see another company taking one of the best parts of CBRN and moving it forward to a greater American audience. And I’m glad that I’ll be able to add one of the naps into my lifestyle whenever I get home from work.

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It’s no secret that a lot of people have trouble with basic math, but few have been able to prove or disproving the existence of Santa Claus outside of “The Exorcist” or “Catch Me If You Can.” But now people have been able to prove a claim made by astronomer Halley: Santa Claus used to exist, then went extinct.

Halley is famous for the discovery of comet Halley, which he discovered in 1582. It’s been a common belief that he was the comet’s first citizen, a claim that has gained traction from the “Comet Man” theory. The theory asserts that man was created by God on a comet and that God created “men” who would then be born to earth. The theory also claims that Santa Claus was real, though the existence of a Santa Claus is not one of the theories behind the theory.

According to Halley, as a child that was all he ever knew. He was taught the truth by his elders and told he was special. After the death of his father, Halley, as a way to gain respect, gave up his position so that his son wouldn’t have that burden. After a brief retirement at the age of 26, Halley found himself homeless on the streets of Vienna, leaving him a little over a year after he started his journey towards his next goal.

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