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There have been a number of different horses that have been given the nickname “track-bred” and have raced at various tracks including tracks in Australia like Port Lincoln, Adelaide, and the Wollongong track.

A full overview of track-bred horses can be found here

What is the most difficult event in racing?

The most difficult activity in racing is actually not horse racing at all, it is actually the actual running of the races.

There have been a number of different events that have been designed to have the riders run “fast and loose”, this will sometimes be at a racecourse, sometimes at a racecourse and the event of choice may be simply to ride a horse. It is the time and effort that goes into running a race which makes it the more challenging activity.

What was the last place to get married?

The last place to get married in Australia was Sydney in 1998!

If you could tell only one person where they would be sleeping, who would it be?

A long pause…

Did a runner cross your path in the past year? How do you remember such a sight?

The person you would ask is usually someone who is a long time participant in the event or race of choice for you, if not then you can be confident that they would not have missed out on it.
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Barry Gifford (the one who said, in a podcast, that “It’s the Democrats’ turn to get their act together” and “I’m a Democrat”, and that “the Democratic Party has been out of line for so long… that I just can’t believe that there’s a party left in this country that I’m not Democrats or Hillary backers”.

That was a while ago. Gifford has just changed his mind again, according to The Guardian. He just said,

I’m going to vote for Hillary and I think she will become a great president. It’s absolutely imperative that we get her elected. I think that’s the path to victory.

This is not terribly surprising: it’s just not very surprising. He has had previous “voting for a candidate” statements. He seems to be trying to change his strategy, as he says, and it’s been noted before. But in this case the switch from this to saying he’s just not a Democrat to this is a big step in the wrong direction.

So why is Barry Gifford changing his mind

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