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You’re probably thinking a race nap will involve some kind of race or test in which the driver performs certain tasks (driving, etc.) and then comes out to relax for a few minutes. This may be what you’re thinking of, but it’s not the only time you might take a racing nap. In fact, you might want to consider taking a driving nap to see how the car handles when you’re driving on the highway. Of course, you’ll also be resting your brain and body with just a few hours in between races.

What’s a racing nap even meant to be? What it’s meant to do? We do actually know what a racing nap is. We know from research that, in order to stay alert and sharp during a race, our brains need a steady supply of blood and oxygen for the muscles. The brain then needs this rest from the competition to help get you back to racing shape after the race.

Now, it’s true that your blood supply can get affected at the start of a race but by that point it’s typically too late to be able to take it back. If that’s your concern then you don’t need anything at all. But if not, don’t worry so much. I guarantee you’ll feel more alert and in control the next time out.

You’re probably thinking, “This sounds a little weird but is it really weird.” Yes, the idea of this kind of racing nap is a little weird at first; you don’t want to take it. But this isn’t like taking a rest day, where you could potentially just be laying out on a blanket and taking a nap until you’re ready to get it to race shape. This kind of racing nap is more of a continuous thing meant to keep the brain fresh when you’re pushing yourself harder than usual.

For instance, if you take an hour and forty minutes of a race when the race is still in progress, then you’ll be tired and your racing will be weaker due to your brain’s need to recharge. But if you do it long enough, during the race the brain will recover. What you’ll be getting is a race nap that will keep you fresh and ready when you’re racing, with that boost of caffeine that racing does.

Now, if you don’t want the racing to start then how do you ensure that you have a winning racing nap? Simple. Use your breathing technique.

We’ve talked about breathing at length in our post How To Get Your Brain And

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