What is heavy ground? – Horse Racing Ky Derby

How much weight are you carrying?

What is a load on all four legs?

What are the weights for your load?

What is your load on each limb?

What percentage of the body is on each limb?

What percentage of the total are legs?

What is the load on all extremities?

How much weight can you carry?

How do you use your arms to carry the weight?

What can a heavy load do to the body?

How can you load the load?
What Happens After the Kentucky Derby? Where the Past 5 ...

What are the variables in a load? What is the loading of each leg?

What are the loads on each leg?

What weight can a heavy load carry on a single leg? (e.g. the leg of a horse that you want to lift is the best weight there is. If your horse is standing, you can use it for that purpose.)

What do you do with a load?

What is the maximum load?

Who can see the load at this range?

How much can you lift from ground level?

Why do you push?

What is high leverage? (e.g. the weight of a person standing is the maximum it can be).

What do you learn from lifting and how do you change lift?

How does low and high leverage apply to lifting

How will lifting/carrying help you with climbing?

What is going on in the body? (e.g. why your arms are so strong with lifting, but why your knees feel so bad after carrying a load? There are many more questions, but if you have any that you feel are worth asking, feel free to ask in the questions section)!

To learn more about lifting, see the lifting section.

To learn more about lifting weights, see the weight training section.

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