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That depends on where you get it and what you have on one of your legs, but it can range from 20–60 pounds depending on the type of terrain. A few things to consider: Ground cover is very important to consider—there is no “ground rule” you can point to for terrain that you have access to. The rules that apply depend on the terrain type, the elevation, and the amount of time that you are on the ground. The reason we provide general guidelines is that the terrain is likely more variable, depending on the elevation, the amount of time spent on the ground, and, lastly, the type of terrain. For this and other reasons, even though we can only give you limited information on specific terrain, it should still be a good base for determining the weight limit.

Where do you fall into the 20–60 lb. range?

Generally speaking, ground rules for terrain weight for this class are fairly straightforward. If you have some access to a heavy tree limb, then yes, it is possible to be within the 20–60 lb. weight range. If, however, your limbs are a bit more limited, and you can’t move through an area with the tree limb or anything similar, then you could go as low as 10–15 lb. There is just one caveat. While a few trees can be difficult to maneuver in and out of, this can easily be solved: If you have access to a heavy tree, then you can maneuver through any area that is not a closed ditch.

How are heavy branches/stumps handled?

The amount of branches and stumps that you can access depends largely on how many times you have been using that tree. If you have been using the tree often enough that you have learned to use the branches effectively, then your stumps, which could be anywhere from 2–5 feet in length from the base, can be moved up or down a hill easily. However, if you have only been getting a few pieces up or down when it is an obstacle, and those pieces are too easily missed, and you have lost your bearings, then this rule could be quite helpful. We may have some ideas for an easier method for clearing the stumps, but for now, that may be the limit for what can be done.

How many times have you had to make the effort of moving through a small area with only a couple pieces, where the stumps are too close together?

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