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It’s a quick, simple tip and a bit of entertainment. To put it in simple terms, “nap of the day” is a reminder to focus and be present for a few minutes during the day or just when you’re tired (or really stressed).

Nap of the day is as simple as taking a quick 5 minute sip of water, and that’s what I do when I start my day. I have this cup of water handy, and I always drink it before I open the door so I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I think that the other morning there was a lot of traffic on the roads (due to the storm) but I wasn’t too bothered because I was actually thinking of my day ahead, and taking care of myself was part of my everyday routine.

Once you have this cup of water handy, give it to yourself every few minutes. I like to drink 5-6 of these, and every time my heart rate drops below 75 beats per minute, I take a sip and start meditating.

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How do you take naps?

Here at The Health Ranger, we believe that nap isn’t just about resting, it’s about feeling relaxed. So we’re always experimenting with different ways to get a nap (and a little bit more). One of the most popular ways that I’ve used is to set a timer, use a timer to do my daily tasks, and then take a nap.

Sometimes I’ll use one of those timer apps that people have on their phones. Other times, I’ll start up a timer on the phone itself without setting one up first (like one of these little guys).

Some people might prefer to set their alarm for the evening, then take a nap at the same time when they wake up the next morning.
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Some people just like to take a 10-15 minute nap when they’re at work. And sometimes you just get out of the habit of sleeping.

To find out how you can take a nap here it (or if you already own the sleep tracking app), check out the Sleep Cycle app.

Napping is just so easy, and it can be a great break from the daily grind of work or school (or simply just in the shower or bath when you really need a bit of extra sleep).

I hope the tips above have help you, and I will see you

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