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We all know that post-rotator cuff tears are the big issue with the Wildcats. Should they try to get another D-coordinator in 2016 to start the rebuilding process?

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In a new video released by the National Security Archive at George Washington University, former Defense Secretary William Cohen lays out the case that the United States should be concerned with whether its citizens could use the Internet to help people understand the government, as a potential danger to national security.

Cohen says he believes Internet service providers such as Google, Facebook and Apple are engaged in “a covert, covert relationship with their governments,” and that the “national security” threat “is not limited to any single country.” He argues this relationship “could involve any, every, any country that might be interested in the Internet — not just the United States.”

Cohen goes on to argue that the ability to understand the government by the “internet” means “we become, in some sense, the first victim of a surveillance state.”

Cohen argues that the problem is not the “bad apples” from outside the United States — that the U.S. government, as a whole, isn’t engaged in mass surveillance — but that the intelligence community has developed an “intimidation system” that gives the FBI the ability to target people online.

He explains how the government is able to gather personal information and then use it against people who are accused of no crime at all, like using social media to threaten people with violence or to get others to kill or blackmail them. He argues that, in fact, they’ve gone so far as to hire private companies to do it for them.

He gives a list of these companies and describes the “system” of government-funded private companies who get access to Americans’ data — and who then use this information to target them online. These companies include data security company Hacking Team and “vast numbers of [a company’s] rivals,” and also the security researchers who found the Equation Group hack.

One of the companies that Cohen discusses is called Silent Circle, and it was co-founded by Edward Snowden. The company makes a device called the Endpoint Security Appliance, which allows users to send encrypted

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