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Just curious what position wins the most college basketball games this year?

A new and extremely important rule for the entire world of Dota 2 is that a certain amount of gold must be earned through a win. This would be the equivalent of buying the right to walk in the final stage of the Final Four, with the prize pool of the tournament equal to a match won against Liquid’s Na`Vi.

This year alone, Valve has given the right to an extra $1.2m for winning in the past. Valve has now stated that this would no longer be the case in the next split. How this will impact the game will be very clear at the upcoming North American Dota Pro-Series, which will be held from May 22nd to the 27th.

Valve’s decision on the matter is simple, and very positive. It ensures that you have no fear of leaving the scene, and if you want to be successful in the Dota 2 scene, you have to earn the right to be a part of every team. This is a good decision for Dota’s future, and a very positive way for esports to keep growing and prospering.

To read more about Valve’s new rules, click here.

If you have a child in college today, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t see this in your media. On Monday, the Washington Post published an article about a new study that claims that college students spend about 40% of their time, not studying, in order to get an education.

While I am obviously not defending those of us who spend time out of the classroom in order to complete our education, this study has absolutely nothing to do with education and everything to do with the fact that people have gotten comfortable with how college education works now. If you think we are getting too comfortable, you may want to take a good hard look at what you are putting up with, and how you are allowing yourself to become accustomed and comfortable with an education system that is actually about to lose something that is so great.

The author of that article, Matt O’Brien, describes the problem as this:

College has become, in part, a way to give kids an early start on real-world experience without the costs of their own private higher education. But the new generation may be so used to college as the only route left that it will never have a good grasp

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