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This question comes up quite often in the sports world, especially here to the States of America and in the UK.

The idea is that the start of a race should last from 12:30 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening, and this gives enough time for a person to go out to run (or walk!).

However, it’s not true.

I have run and walked a few races that have an actual start time as one example.

I’ll go over each race for the purpose of explaining the point I’m trying to make. In general the average amount of time that each event has to run is 12-18 miles. This varies from race to race, but we’ll start there.

12-18 mile races are usually about 3-4 times longer than the distance for the average race (depending on the race). This is because they start longer than most races and because some start at 9:00 or later, which means they have a shorter duration of the race itself, and therefore have to run longer to match the amount of time they have to go.

As you may have noticed in the picture below, the average duration for the races the distances listed were a total of 32.8 miles or roughly 18.5 miles (6.7 miles each way). There was one race I ran that started at 8:00 but only lasted 12 minutes. It had a total duration of 26 miles.

Another race I ran lasted 10:00, but ended at 9:30, which was the length of a half marathon, but with one hour less distance per mile. There was a 12:30 start.

I ran the longest race of all time with an 18.63 mile race, the 1.86 mile race, which featured a 13.1 mile race starting at 6:00, and finished at 9:25, at which point the race was 13.7 miles long.

The shortest race in the above photo is not an example of a race with an official start time. The 1.3 mile race in the photo was run in 9:40 and ended up with a 12 minute finish. As you may have noticed in the picture below, the race did end at roughly 9:45.

If a race has an official start, the official time is the actual start time for each individual race. I’ll discuss the actual start time one more time.

The official start time for a run or walk

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