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The fastest horses are not necessarily the fastest mules. The first two races for mules were not contested by horse races at the time, but by a kind of “racing of the wagons.” The first horse in each class was chosen at random, the next two were chosen using an ancient method of selection that is still used today. These first two classes were the fastest mules in the country, but the horses in the third class had higher potential for success. The three mules of the third class won the first race, but were left behind to be beaten by the rest on the following day.

The races were held in the winter. For the mule race, the riders would set an age in months (as the age was used to determine the number of miles a horse could run on a particular day) and a time.

Mule-of-the-Year (MMO) Races

The first race was “The Race Between the Horses of the Country,” in which the winners were selected at random, thus eliminating the first mules from the field. Here was a contest between the fastest and slowest horses, the one that won the year would take the mule of the year and that would keep it through the following year.

Fast horse was the name given to horse mules that ran as fast as possible for up to 12,000 feet per hour (18-1/ 2 miles per hour). This was the highest speed a mule could achieve. When the mule was ridden for long periods of time, it would naturally become more and more sluggish.

Slow horses were the horses mules could actually ride for more than 12,000 feet per hour. These horses were much slower than the fastest race horses such as Standard and King or the mules that ran at 5-1/ 2 miles per hour.
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The speed of the fastest mules was the most important of all the horses in races. They also ran at less than 5 miles per hour.

The mule-of-the-year was selected one day prior to the race but before the horses were ready to run the race. The winner was the one horse with the most mules. The first mule would run twice, starting with the first race, for one hour, then the second half hour. The second half was for two hours. This was repeated until the mule with the most mules was the winner.

Since the first four races were not

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