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The answer is always the same: David Price (@DavidPriceLion, @mtr_pr, @fhfawkes)

Price’s Twitter bio is like a checklist for any newsroom (I’ve checked this myself). At a glance, it looks like this:
Harness Racing - USTA Harness the Excitement! - United ...

Journalism, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports… The top five on one page. The top 10 on another. It’s kind of like the “top ten lists” in high school, where you’re doing your homework before you have a chance to read them; there’s a great deal of pressure and a lot of time and stress on these lists, so any good journalism student wants to know what’s on them. I’ve learned a lot since I started reading these lists!

Price has worked in every sports and newsroom since 2000, so he’s already a veteran of the profession. And he’s also a true believer, since he is an outspoken and passionate advocate for all of his opinions, and loves to have people pay attention to them.

Which tipster do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments. You can also send questions for a future edition (and even better, an interview with Price!) to the email address on this page.

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