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Praying over the body of his deceased friend, Phar Lap was taken into medical care at a local hospital where he passed away. His parents said no one came to pick him up or take him home after he passed. They later filed a lawsuit against the hospital, accusing them of negligence during his surgery.
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“The last words he said to me when the doctors started taking me to a hospital was, ‘God, I’m a pussy,'” he said.

A local news outlet picked up on his story after two other families spoke and shared their stories as well. They were featured on a local news station and the local NBC station in Charlotte.

The local Charlotte ABC affiliate shared the story with the family on-air several days later, saying that the parents were going back home to Carolina and would be able to pick up their grandson after they got back.

Soon after the news aired, a Charlotte mom reached out to the reporter.

“He was in a bad place, but the person I talked to on-air has given me hope,” she told ABC News on May 11. “I’m thinking about my son. They are really trying to do their job, but how do you help a family when your family is gone?”

The News & Observer spoke with Dr. James W. Miller Jr., the medical director of North Carolina’s hospital where Phar Lap was taken following his death.

“They did an excellent job of making sure he got to a place of comfort,” he told the News & Observer. “They got him a bed and some medications. They had to take him straight through to the operating room and put the mask on him and let him sleep, and he wasn’t sick. He was very stable.”

Miller said he was also aware that there had been prior instances when people had been taken to the hospital, but were able to be returned home later on. For Phar Lap, he said, that was not needed.

“This isn’t about what the family is saying, it’s about the care they gave him,”

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