Why do race horses have their tongues tied? – Horse Racing Gta 5 Glitch

They don’t need them.” (Ibid.) The next day he and the secretary, James Blount, visited the horses, and “the first thing we all did was pick up the tongues, and start shaking them and picking ’em up in the mouth.” (Ibid., p. 9.) “When we had all the tongues in the mouth we went ‘somber’ and tried to shake them out, but the horses could not get ’em out. We then tried to push them in the mouths [i.e., their tongues] but couldn’t get ’em out.” (“In the Shadow of the Cross,” pp. 21-22.)


A few days later, the horses were taken from the barn. They were hung to the wall so fast that the horses would not be able to get their tongues out and would suffer the effects of the shocks, especially the whip which the animals were kept lashed to. The horses were not put in the “soup box,” with some of them still stuck together in the form of a small cauldron, for this process was thought to cause them serious ill-effects. The horses remained in the house as a matter of course, and the men’s mouths “felt like moles.” (Ibid., p. 25.) One of the horses “laughed” with difficulty for three days after the incident. (Ibid., p. 25.)

As the men kept the horses in the house, it is hard to imagine that they were unaware of the horses’ condition for three or four days. The fact that they could not get “their throats” to be “wrenched” out shows clearly that they did not suspect the horses of any possible diseases or any other problems they might have. This was also the position of the horses’ own owners, who continued to care for the animals despite the abuse they had endured, despite having to take “all the heat and care of all of this.” (Ibid., p. 26.)

No one knows what the reason was for the horses’ behavior. A couple of different theories can be proposed. The most likely is that their stress was so great that they were in such a horrible condition that they were suffering from “malfunctioning nerves.” The horses would have been in this condition even if it were not for the fact that it was not the season for the animals. However, the owner of the horses was aware of only the worst symptoms. The “soup box”

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