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Why is basketball game called Horse?

Basketball game called Horse was played last weekend in Rajasthan when the Rajasthani people lost their national title to Chhattisgarh in a game which lasted just 70 minutes. The game was also called “Gurudawad”, which means the horse of a god, who was worshipped by the Rajasthani people during the times of the Chhattisgarh ruler Vasundhara Raje Giri.

According to local historians, the Indian people played a sport called “Maharajhali” (“horse games”) when Rajasthan was ruled by Vasundhara Raje Giri, which was called Rajasthan Giri in the 14th century and the Chhattisgarh rulers used to call the sport “Maharajhali” as it was widely used by the Rajasthani people during that time.

“Maharajhali” is still used by some sports lovers in some parts of India.

Some historians say this was the only chance for Rajputs to play a national sport and so for them their religion had become a trump card or had its own personality.

The game was lost in the last 20 minutes of the game when Chhattisgarh won the national title and Vasundhara Raje Giri was given the title “Bahu Dasa”.

According to local traditions the name of the champion was given by the God and the horse was given name by the Rajputs.

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The name could have also been the Sanskrit word “Chahti”, which is a sacred horse of Rajputs who are the ancestors of them.

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