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Mele Kalikimaka // Easy Ukulele Holiday Play-along ...
“Bubble” is a good album, especially for a newbie that you are looking to learn and play. I would recommend buying it if u want to get off to a quick start. If u have an old record player that doesnt play grooves like the new one will, buy “Bubble” with a disc and go grooving.

– April 9, 2007Glad to finally have an answer.

Hollywood: the place where the very best work comes to life, but sometimes you have to work hard and do the work to show your worthiness. On the heels of a very successful weekend, Tom Hanks has arrived at the Hollywood Reporter office, and his story about the experience is worth sharing.

It was my fifth time trying to make it to the Oscars, and I had no illusions. This year seemed so different from my first attempt. That, and a few bad experiences, led me to believe I was a lock for the Golden Globe. When I walked into the Dolby Theatre for the first time as Best Supporting Actor, to a sea of Oscar winners in front of me, I thought, “Okay. That’s weird.” The room was packed, and the room was full of people I hadn’t seen before. In truth, I didn’t give the whole idea much thought.

When I got to the red carpet, I looked around to see who was there. I walked past Robert Redford and Kate Winslet and went up to Harvey Keitel. I said, “Hi. I’m Tom Hanks. How’re you doing?” At which point, Harvey asked me, “What’s an Oscars-winner story?”

We started talking about his career. It wasn’t that I was enamoured by what the American public had made of his films. It was just that, over the course of almost three decades, he had accomplished so much film-nostalgia as his career progressed through several studios and multiple biopics. And I realized that, unlike what a lot of people do, he really did have a vision for the future. I was enraptured by that. I felt that he was making something better than the average Hollywood director had.

It really wasn’t until I got to the red carpet that I realized that, in terms of winning a Best Director Oscar, I was at a crossroads, and that he was the first one who’d shown me, at a time when I was

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