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What is Ukulele Music?

Ukulele Music is a group of ukulele enthusiasts from around the world – all ages and musical backgrounds – sharing their knowledge, techniques, and techniques. For a beginner’s introduction to ukulele, check out Ukulele 101, or look at the Ukulele Playlist.

Is there an Ukulele Club in your area?

Check out this list of Ukulele Club info sites and find out about how we are doing together.

How long have you been playing guitar?

As a kid I was into guitar and then I moved to the city and started playing piano. I learned how to play and practice on ukuleles. Now I play all instruments and also teach as a teacher.

Why do you call yourself Ukulele Music?

Ukulele Music is a music group where we gather for the people of the world to come and learn and learn together as a group. We gather not to play music, but to share what we learned. We practice for hours as a group as our group name is Ukulele Music.

What is the difference between a solo ukulele and a group uke?

A solo ukulele is a ukulele that takes its own tune. Some people do it by themselves, some students use two ukes on a tune together. Group ukes come with a teacher for a variety of lessons.

What are the benefits of group ukulele practice? What do you gain in terms of technique?

Ukulele practice allows us to listen to the uke playing with a group and learn more about him than he would if he played alone.

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What have been the greatest achievements in group ukulele practice and learning?

There are quite a few students who go to the studio, record and release albums in group ukes, and they are very proud because they were able to play in such a large group together.

What advice would you give other ukulele players?

As with any newbie, you need to learn the uke’s notes by ear. This can take a while, so it’s recommended that you practice first by yourself to get to know the uke.

Also, if you can’t learn by ear from memory you may have to listen to an uke practice tape. Be sure to make a note of the u

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