Can you learn ukulele by yourself? – Ukulele Swing

Not really. I teach myself about ten to fifteen instruments at any given time. There are lessons here and there, but there’s no real point in practicing a whole lot. Most of what I learned here came from watching others in the band.

As a member, what’s it like to be part of an amazing band who can play anything by heart?

It’s very surreal.

What do you think of a world where musicians have access to all the music formats available to us?

I don’t think anything will replace the sound of the record.

So how would you describe the band in two words?

Fantastic! It’s a completely different universe than all the music we hear around us. And if it was just one record, one person would have told everyone in the world what it was. It’s a band full of people from all over the world who share the same experience of playing. There is nothing in the world like it.

Do you get a lot of new fans?

Oh absolutely. And there are a lot of people coming in through Facebook.

How important is it for you playing with the band to have musicianship that you get from the recording?

It’s very important. The songs that we play live are much more important than listening to the album. If things are going well, the music should speak for the lyrics. If things aren’t going well, the music should speak for the lyrics. We all want to make great music, but when it comes down to the final mix, the recording’s the most important thing.

Are you satisfied with the way things turned out on the record?

I’m not satisfied! It would take years to make another record that was good enough. This is a great chance to do that for everybody and make sure we don’t make mistakes.

There’s a saying in the band: “We’re just fine.”

There’s a saying too in many bands that if the band is good, the whole group is good. The best part about these situations is that we’ll have the music to prove it. We’ll come to an experience, and then it’s up to all of us to keep it going until it becomes a thing.

What has been your favorite gig?

Our first album is called “Hallelujah.” The people that have been around for a while see the difference between good things and bad things. I’ve been

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