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This is the ultimate gift for a teacher or musician. You can also purchase the standard ukulele pack for $59.95 and have two ukuleles ready to play the ukulele with. The ukulele pick is the best way to learn how to play the ukulele without having to spend your own time working with a teacher.

There is very little reason for the Conservatives to be nervous about the possible rise of Ukip’s MEP in the English Parliament. The party has never seriously contemplated giving up control of their policy area to an outsider. Nor has it ever suggested that it is in any position to manage its affairs on national or even regional level. Ukip would have the benefit of not just a greater sense of competence but a greater sense of strength. Ukip also offers the Tories the prospect of an even further increased chance of getting rid of a Labour government.

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The party that, over the last few months, has been talking of making a “rebrand” of the party has not gone so far as to renounce its membership of the European Parliament. But in the long term it is surely more sensible to move on and to make our own change: there are much smaller parties in a smaller number of European parliaments. Moreover, we will certainly be able to hold a referendum in the next election, and there will be much stronger evidence of where our country stands in the Europhile world before the election.

The Conservative Party is the only major political party in Britain that refuses to admit that it has ever had an independent policy area. Ukip has never had any such policy area. Nigel Farage, who is Ukip’s leader, has consistently denied that he has, and his opponents have also denied him that they have. Nigel Farage never once said that a Ukip party did not think Britain should “take back control” of public finances. If Cameron had said anything at all such a declaration could at least be dismissed as pretence. The Labour Party does hold separate areas of policy, but these tend to be local ones, reflecting local conditions, and not a policy area (though of course, the Labour Party does hold a separate policy area for welfare). For all that, as our own analysis of the party’s position on the EU makes clear, the Conservatives have always believed that it would be pointless for them to try to change it.

In their 2010 manifesto, they wrote: “We also accept that the UK can make a positive contribution to European legislation. To this end, we

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