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You’ll love playing the new ukulele app! It’s easy to set your speed, volume, and playing position. Add some tunes to play, or change your ukulele’s instrument and play mode with the new app (you’ll be able to add it through iTunes).

You can see some great videos of this one below:

Here they are. In case the video quality doesn’t do you justice. A few months ago (early 2013), the crew from BTS went to the United States to perform at the Pitchfork “Festival Paris” in Paris. They were part of a “K-Pop vs. Foreign Pop” showdown.

You can see a few of the videos they took on the following days, as well as a lot of other videos they took on their European tour here.

In the video, they had a big concert and I was very happy to see them here. So there was no need to post it up at first, but I wanted to mention it. I just wanted to say it was definitely one of my favourite K-pop concerts I’ve ever been to. They got to perform with SISTAR (the group that has my favourite K-pop fan, Jung Hyun Jin) as well as other groups like EXO (SISTAR) and Big Bang (YG). In between songs, you see BTS take selfies, talk and do videos. I really missed the selfie-sticks.

They also did interviews with Billboard Magazine, NPR, Vogue, GQ and others.

Here are some more videos as well as a few of the songs they played for the “Festival Paris” video:

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