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What about some other instruments?

Would you like some advice for playing a stringed instrument or a bass? Or a guitar?

The “Puppies With Guns” is a video series that showcases various animals being a danger to humans like wolves, coyotes, coyotes with guns or bears. Many of the animals are shown walking around without having guns pointed at them, or are able to easily be shot in various ways. The videos have no gore and no blood. They are just a way for us to learn more and appreciate the beautiful and wild animals around us.

A few of the videos I have seen to date in this series are below:

The latest batch of e-mails stolen from the Democratic National Committee’s servers suggest there were some serious breaches at the party’s headquarters just days before Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

The e-mails, which were released Monday by WikiLeaks, show that a top DNC official, finance director Jordan Kaplan, contacted the chief financial officer of the DNC in the wee hours of the morning of June 23, requesting access to a joint fundraising account for his fundraising efforts with his bosses, who were to receive all the funds until the end of the month – a period that ended with Clinton’s election victory.

The e-mails did not appear stolen from the DNC. The DNC was hacked by people affiliated with the Russian government – and the hacks were confirmed by the FBI.

“I just tried to call you. Unfortunately can’t connect. You want to get it on phone,” Mr. Kaplan wrote in his e-mail to Scott Comer, the finance director. “Please let me know your time zone for next call.”

Soon thereafter, he sent the fundraising account a note from a campaign official, asking why Mr. Comer would want to see the money.

“We have a problem,” Mr. Kaplan wrote to Comer. “The issue is the question I keep asking, and I am trying to answer in the next few minutes. It is very important, but I’m trying my best to be in the loop as we speak but not in the exact same position as you guys.”

The e-mails show that some DNC staffers – including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – were frustrated at a party executive’s inability to get through to state party chairs until the DNC was locked in a fight with the Sanders campaign.

“This email is an embarrassment to everyone within the DNC, we need to stop letting anyone dictate how

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