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I have a lot of short nails that I wear on top of my long nails and my favorite songs are “We are the Ones” off of the band “The Slants.” So, my first question was if anyone had any tips for people who are thinking about playing a ukulele like this and just wanted to cut down on the amount of nails they had to have and just take a shorter, more comfortable ukulele that they could keep at home?

-John W.

A: For a short ukulele, the most obvious solution would be to cut some of your nails longer and give yourself a different type of grip. Your ukulele is not the same weight as your finger, so a cut in the fingerboard is likely to make you more comfortable playing because you’re moving around instead of playing just one finger at a time. If you take your ukulele seriously as a musician, this is a good thing. But, if you have the feeling of having to constantly hold your ukulele at arm’s length, taking a ukulele to the nail salon is probably a better idea. In fact, you’ve probably already figured out where you’ll put your new cut.

-Rick B.

Q: My friend has a ukulele. She is very young, but looks like she is 12 years old! When I saw her for the first time, she had a very sharp sound and really sharp edge. When I saw the ukulele at my local guitar store, they said she should have a new one, but she was willing to part with it. She is happy and that’s what matter. She has been playing the ukulele since it came out. My concern is that she is a “normal” girl. I worry about her getting hurt or getting lost. I always try to be extra careful with my music. If there is a concern, please do ask a professional before you get rid of it!! A: I never heard of the young girl (no names) I asked to put down the ukulele. I had mentioned that she felt very young and thought she could be a regular person. I also noted that she sounded very sharp, even up-close. I didn’t think she could actually take good care of this instrument (she had to cut and tighten it), and thought she was probably looking to be a kid at first, and I also thought she might not know how to

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