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In this chapter you’ll learn what ukulele picking requires you to do, and the two techniques that will help you out the most when picking ukuleles fast. Read on to learn the techniques.

What the hell is a pick?

The term pick means to pick up or handle a string. Some guitars come with pick stands. Many guitars come with pick guards that can make picking the strings a breeze using a special pick-guard.

If pick is used incorrectly you can get serious buzzes or noise and cause damage to your ukulele. When you want to pick up or handle a string on a guitar or other instrument you must first remove the pick’s grip (the piece that sticks out from the inside corner of the pickup). The pick guard helps protect your fingers so there’s no damage to your uke when you pick a string. There are two ways a player can pick a string off a uke.

To pick a string without removing the pick, you must first take off both the grip (which is the white piece) and the string by pressing the thumb of the picking hand against the metal ring of the string and then pulling, and then the string should go free. The first way requires more effort than the second way.

When picking with a pick guard you simply remove the pick guard. Because of this you must always be careful when removing your pick guard as the pick itself is not a good conductor and the finger that is in contact with it has some risk of injury.

To pick or not to pick? It all depends on your purpose of playing the uke, and the speed at which you move your playing hand. If you play fast enough, you can always pick off a fast string, then you can pick off another string and then another, and if you play slow enough you may be able to play a fast string with ease, then, but you’ll probably have to re-pick it. On certain instruments such as the mandolin for example, a player that knows how to quickly bring their fingering hand around to play one of the frets, can move it along the fretboard quickly to pick the string off of that one fret.

In this chapter we’re going to discuss the pick and the two types of pick guards to be used on the uke. Read carefully and know the correct technique for picking a uke string and what is required of you when trying to pick a uke string.


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