How can I practice my ukulele quietly? – Easy Ukulele Songs With Chord Charts

Just sing a couple songs you’ve learned for your own comfort

and put yourself in a position to listen to your uke. You’ll be in the right place

the next day or the day after. Play your ukulele slowly while waiting, and try not to get into any trouble. Remember the most difficult and exciting part of your song is when you learn the exact word for every note: When you reach the end, pause your play for a moment and play the note again, for exactly the same note but with the accent on the second of two fingers. As your mind drifts away you will realize that while your mind will be drawn from one place to another, the sound of the note will stay still, not going anywhere. It will stay with you until you finish playing it, or until your mind gets impatient and moves away. Just play the uke slowly, and try not to get into any trouble:

For the first few days, practicing softly will help you keep the sound in focus, just like a piano. Once you get comfortable with the sound of your ukulele, it’ll be easier to play the same song louder than normal. If your ukulele needs a boost, try adding a second string instrument to your set, like a bass guitar, to play with your other instruments.

What does it really feel like to play?

How do you listen to yourself play? It’s a very sensitive and personal thing.

It’s very emotional… you don’t have to be upset

when someone is not listening well enough

or it’s hard to hear yourself

or you are being played over. There’s no right or wrong answer.

What can I do to improve my practice?

Take it easy. The next couple days will get easier.

Take the time to listen to your uke without listening hard. Listen to parts of your melody over, in place of your uke, and try to figure out what makes your song sing. Then, listen more carefully.

Try to learn every single note on a ukulele by ear for one hour.

For all of them, don’t just say the tune on the guitar!

And don’t leave out the part that makes you cry. It’s not the only moment you can be sad for an ukulele. It’s one of the most important and inspiring.

You know what else you can

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