How can I practice my ukulele quietly? – Learn To Play The Ukulele Free

Learning to read and play ukulele can be quite a challenge. This is where a great friend of ours, Matt, took over. He’s a big proponent of quiet practice and has set up a great practice space in our kitchen, where he gives ukulele lessons and has a ukulele in his own living room. He’ll take your ukulele and introduce you in a way that lets you practice in a safe, quiet place. He also makes awesome music – check out his facebook page here.

How can I get more practice time?

The best way to get more practice time is to join a class and go to regular practice. Try this: if you don’t have a class and want to practice everyday, go get some ukulele wood. These tend to last pretty well, even if you get bad strings.

The following video will show you some good places to learn, but also some places for beginners that haven’t played a ukulele all that much yet: YouTube – (This is a beginner’s tutorial, for those that haven’t ever played a ukulele, this video will give you the basics)

In addition to finding a ukulele class and ukulele books, you’ll also need to find some good places for practice. You’ll find plenty of information for the beginner on our website, by clicking on the tab on the “How to start” page.

What is good practice time?

For most people, learning to play a ukulele takes between two and six hours a week, which will run all the way around the clock. If you practice at least an hour on this schedule, you won’t have any trouble with your ukulele. This is also very common for guitarists as well.

You can actually make your ukulele more comfortable to move, just by practicing with a ukulele that fits you, without any strings. It is difficult to reach the same level of proficiency while not strumming with sticks. This is a great tip from Matt in his video, if you haven’t tried it yet.

Where do I begin?

As always, starting with simple beginner ukulele lessons will help you get the most practice time you can. The next step is to learn some songs

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