How do I fix my ukulele buzzing? – Best Way To Learn Songs On Ukulele Over The Rainbow

There are several factors that you can use to control the hum that your ukulele emits. This article explains how to fix that annoying noise.

Fixing the humming noise in your ukulele

The best thing to do is to get a ukulele in very good repair condition (if it’s a newer model). The sound quality of the soundcard, pickups and strings needs to be absolutely perfect! If it isn’t perfect you can get a ukulele fixed, but be aware that some dealers might mark the instrument “no problem”, but have the instrument in the shop (with the soundcard inside with its wires pulled) for inspection and repair. You can also ask your ukulele manufacturer to fix any other sound issues, even if you’re buying new strings.

How can I play my ukulele if I’m in a hurry?

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If you’ve never played ukulele before, you can just play the melody and then stop when you reach the final stave. Of course you can speed up a few beats per page to change dynamics, but in order to keep the ukulele’s sounds interesting without making it too fast, you’ll need to slow down your playing.

How to play the ukulele

Here I’m showing how to play the note names with the first two notes highlighted. There are plenty of other possible keys that you can play, but I’m just showing the ones where they are easy to play with the ukulele’s sound.

These are some of the most common keys:

As you can see in these sound examples, some keys are more difficult to use than others. They include: E sharp, B sharp, D sharp, F sharp.

To change the pitch of the note names simply use your middle finger to push the upper left tip of the key with your thumb. The keys are not all that easily played on the standard keyboard, so I’ve given you step by step instructions below (you might need your fingernail to play with the same pressure for each key).

If you’re using the new Korg M-100 I’ve put the following example in the section dedicated to the soundcard I bought.

The note names are the same as the above, but the key to play is the left C#. If you want to play the key C# on the left C, just write it with C# on a

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