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I love practicing with the piano but I found it hard not to move around when there are too many chord changes and the fingerboard grows too wide.

To memorize chord changes, do you use music theory, or do you use the chord changes themselves?

I tend to use theory to learn chord progressions, and then use them in songwriting. This is often different than what you would think a singer or musician would hear in their head – usually a more melodic feel.

How do you handle frustration from over practicing? Is this overcomplicated?

I am always disappointed with a little bit of over practicing and I don’t mind giving it a rest. If anything it gives me energy to get another day of work done, and that is all I need as a musician! The frustration has gotten to me when I get close to a chord change that I know I can play, but do not have the technique for. I’ve been a perfectionist, but there’s no substitute for practice and patience. In my past, I would find myself going back to the previous chord or melody I’ve practiced before. Often times it is just as frustrating as going back!

Do you have a favorite place to practice?

I really like my own studio (that is on vacation at the moment). It’s where I practice in-depth when I’m feeling extra busy.

What can students look forward to in the future from your website?

We are aiming to continue to give our readers the best quality information, and we will expand our product line into the future. We also intend to expand it out with other topics that students will particularly want to learn about.

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