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It’s no secret that the beginner might be a little bit slow with the technique, but it’s not all bad. If you focus on keeping the rhythm you will eventually succeed. If you go too fast you may be hitting the strings more than if you tried to slow down and find the rhythm.
Learn Jake’s Triple-Strum Technique – Ukulele

What does it take to become a great beginner?

To become a great beginner you have to learn from the mistakes made by more seasoned students. Learn from other students mistakes, and learn from good teachers that are able to give you the correct techniques to perform in the right order.

I like to put myself in the shoes of a beginner, and to focus on just the wrong things. I will think back on the last time I learned a new instrument and ask myself if I could have done it in a different way. What if I hadn’t put my back shoulder on the neck where the strings are, instead of the other way round? What if I had gone too fast, instead of slow? What if instead of touching the string at a 45-degree angle, I had touched it at a 50-degree angle?

I do this a lot because I don’t want to have to learn my way around a new instrument, I am comfortable and the teacher has taught me how to strum so when I try myself in a different situation I will see where it takes me.

This has been a really useful technique with me, I just have to focus on the mistakes I make now and focus on making bigger mistakes in the future – instead of learning to strum as a beginner, take those mistakes and get on with teaching me how to strum the next time I come across one, and then on to learning the right patterns for the next.

What instruments should you learn to strum?

If you don’t already practice at a higher level then I strongly recommend you work on your first drumset, or bass drums.

The next key instrument for any beginner – is the ukulele. If you were to start off learning this type of instrument you will immediately get used to the strumming, and the fingers will be easier to use as you will need to practice holding the ukulele on your thumb and finger tips.

If you are new to strumming a ukulele then one of the best ways is to buy the “Gibson Strummer” ukuleles as they are made by the most popular maker of u

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