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My teacher, Dr. Rob, tells me it takes 1-2 years to get good at ukulele, but we still have not broken that barrier. Why not?

I started with little confidence, so when I took the ukulele teaching course this year my confidence was very low. I really felt I was going to suck at it. I kept hearing from teachers that I was too weak and could not have any more practice with it. It seemed I had a lot of room to improve.

Dr. Rob tells us that we need to practice the ukulele to really master it, which is something I’ve really struggled with. My main problem with practicing the ukulele is that many of the exercises don’t actually work. For example, you are practicing picking your strumming chords, and then after going through this exercise for the ukulele, you have to make the fingerboard work so as to move the hand into the strum. The only way I’ve been able to consistently practice this is to use a uke stand by the bathroom mirror, with a small uke stick, and sit. The uke stand really helps with holding the uke very steady in the air (the handstand will help to keep the uke hand steady). My friend Eric (who also had a few karate lessons under Dr. Rob) has this exact same thing: I have a stand that just sits along the top of my uke stand and is made to look like it is there, rather than being attached to the stand. I use a wooden wooden uke stand, and the wooden uke handstand that he uses.
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I will say that after I practiced hard with this uke stand, and with Dr. Rob’s uke handstand, I finally managed to actually put the fingerboard off in front of my fretboard without it actually touching the fretboard. It took me a few days, but I actually put the fingerboard off the fretboard during playing. But in the end, after I actually took that first step into my music, I was able to hold my ukulele really steady because I was able to just hold the ukulele steady in the air.

What is your top 3 favorite ukulele songs? A) The song “Ooh La La La” by Elvis. B) “Funny How Time Clothes You” by Kool & the Gang. C) “My Name is”

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