How long does it take to learn a ukulele? – Ukulele Chords Chart For Beginners

There is no one specific time period for learning your ukulele (and if you don’t have any plans to go to guitar lessons, that’s totally cool!) but here are some things we recommend doing:

1) Take the time to find some music. Music may not be something you can spend a decade or longer doing. We recommend learning a musical instrument at least once per week.

2) Buy your instruments online. If you are serious about learning the ukulele, and the ability and desire to do so, then buy used instrument. Buying used uke will cost anywhere from $30-$200 for a good uke, to $500+ for an incredible guitar. Even a cheap one can still take you over $200 online.

3) Look for reviews. We’ve put together a simple guide for how to search for reviews on used ukuleles here. The basic idea is to look up sellers’ review and ask if that particular ukulele has been reviewed.

Let’s say you’ve found a seller that has a good rating on Amazon or any blog you like. Try asking them to review their uke for you. Many sellers prefer to keep the review as a note about the instrument they use and their thoughts on it.

4) Go to lessons. Many ukulele retailers are now starting to offer lessons online. You can also get individual lessons from experienced professionals in the ukulele community.

It can be useful to ask your teacher a few questions to get a sense of whether to go to him or her first and second lesson.

5) Don’t waste your time. It is possible to make a huge difference to your ability and understanding of the instrument before you do anything else.

Have you ever been a guitar player or been involved in a musical endeavor? Do you have things to add to this list?

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