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After years with only one song of any kind on the album, we finally have it on tape!! We are proud to have this song as our only single. It features an all-star lineup of all-ages musicians, from old school vets, to future stars! This is a special time to be alive, and everyone at this label is here for it like we are!!!

When my kids came home from school this morning, it felt like a second beginning, like the beginning of the world over. That could very well be the case, as if we all went to Heaven and then all of a sudden the universe changed its nature, and Heaven started to grow and grow, and I started to grow. If some of my friends want that, so be it. But if I am going to go to Heaven, they are my friends too, too.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a huge fan of “the Dandy Warhols” (if you haven’t heard of it you should do so, it’s probably one of the most influential artists of the last couple of decades), so when I first heard “Satisfaction” I immediately got excited about the possibility of hearing a duet with the very talented John Lennon, if only for a few minutes. Unfortunately, that never ended up happening. Instead, D.B. King and his band turned to the Dandy Warhols when King asked to work with the group on his first studio album, which was recorded from October to December, 1964, in D.B. King’s basement studio; it marked the end of a five year hiatus, after which King’s first solo album, “Live at the Regal,” was released.

The Dandy Warhols toured extensively with John Lennon and Paul Simon during the time when “Satisfaction” was finished and released, with Paul McCartney and the original Beatles working with D.B. King and his band. Lennon also was in the studio with the Warhols, and some excerpts from a demo tape were leaked to the press, with the following message printed inside:

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