How much is a good quality ukulele? – Ukulele Chords Lowest To Highest

The answer is “not that much”.

Uke wood (like any other grain) can be used very inexpensively with little effort. If the uke was aged by a good quality woodworking company then you can actually get a pretty good deal compared to buying it new. This also makes it a cheap product to find good quality wood for.

I don’t have a woodworking shop but I work in woodworking, so I can definitely help you out with this.

For good quality ukulele you will need a good quality tuner.
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But what if I have a bad tuner?

It usually has to do with the wood you have. For a uke you don’t need very thick or very thin oaks, but for a regular instrument you do need the finest wood possible.

What is the minimum amount of natural wood I need for my string tuners?

For standard size tuner sets the minimum amount of wood needed is 16 oz of wood per set. And it can be a lot of wood. For larger tuners like that where a string is attached to the wood, the minimum amount of lumber is 40 oz of wood per set.

How much grain is in each strand of ukulele wood?

Most of us (including myself) are aware of how much grain you see in a piece of wood. Many people refer to it as “twist”. However it has a lot more to do with how thick the piece of wood is. It’s the shape of the wood and how they have been laid that determine how thick the wood is. If you lay it too thick, then the grain is not deep enough to be felt and it bends. But if the piece is not thick enough to stand up to the twisting, it will twist and bend. As for twist, it’s not a lot of it at all. It only takes one second long for it to become a large knot like a bow and if you look really closely you can see the bend happening from the beginning. So, in fact, that single-note break in the bend doesn’t really break, but just becomes a bend!

Also, for the very most part the grain of ukulele wood is not what most would consider a straight line. It has a lot of twisting. The longer you look around an uke that has a thick piece of wood you are seeing the more twisting you are actually seeing.

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