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The best time to practise ukulele is when you want to know if a song is too quick for you, or you just don’t want to be tied to a song that you already know. Just play and practise. If you have lots of practice to get you on-curve with this instrument, do not fret, just play and play until you can feel something.

The ukulele is a great tool for learning the different parts and scales in a song. For instance, you can practice scales by playing scales on the ukulele, and even practice scales at intervals. When you get in tune, you’ll play scales and chords on the ukulele.

To learn scales, try picking different scales with the first string just as if you were playing. Try to play one scale at a time, and keep your fingers in line with the note. This will help you master all 6 fingers (you can also practise scales with only 3 fingers at a time, which you can read more about in the chapter on fingering to learn how to play scales).

When you get to the end of a scale, you play an interval from it. You don’t play another scale from that interval.

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You have to be sure to practice scales on different strings, on different keys.

Some songs make scale playing very difficult to do. You don’t need to be tied to those songs to be able to play scales. For instance, if it’s a song such as The Cure’s “Energetic,” the first scale is scale A on the first string and scale A on the second string, which is quite difficult to do. It’s a different song, so it’s easier to play on other strings.

It’s also good practice to practice scales in other songs that you listen to together:

If you like an instrument, learn a lot of different songs that you like and practice them with practice, practicing scales.

If you like the chords on a song, practice other songs that you play with chords to learn scales.

It’s not much of a stretch to learn scales from studying with other people. Try it, then see if you like it.

Most of all, learning scales is a good practice for the ukulele. Take notes from someone you like and practise it with your ukulele. You can also learn scales through learning songs as the example above.

Learning from other people

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