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I’m not going to say what you should practice when, but I hope you are able to perform it often enough. Also, you should try a new ukulele every few months or if you are new to it, you should try the ukulele. I have learned more than ever about ukulele playing, and I am still amazed by how a player can play in a way, that just doesn’t sound natural, yet it is the best way to play the instrument.

5. Take the time to know your instrument. Many people have asked me, why did my instructor teach me the ukulele?? I don’t mean to give them excuses. I love to play on the ukulele, but I was always too shy to play on the guitar (my teacher thought my “natural” playing was “too loud”) And I just always had problems with playing on a guitar, because I didn’t have the right muscle tone to play them. But, I have gotten so used to the ukulele that at times I really struggle to play them. It also helped my girlfriend to play along with me because she likes how nice i am at playing ukuleles. I’m hoping, that my lesson now will convince my friend to teach me, because he never taught me anything.
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I hope my article can help out many people out there learning the ukulele. I can see it working for me. Good Luck!

If you would like to learn how to learn the ukulele, here’s a great guide by Matt Johnson:How To Learn The Ukulele…

And, if you are interested in learning to play the ukulele with a live band, check out:

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