Is a soprano ukulele good for beginners? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Exercises For Guitar

Sure it is! You don’t have to be an advanced user to be happy!

Sopranos with low notes are the best instrument for beginners as you just have to learn them and play them. But the fact that they are low in octave means they are not that hard to learn. The key however, might be the key you’re looking for. A higher key could be right for you.

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When I started learning to play, the sound of the soprano uke was still a memory. So it was good to look at ukulele lessons and soprano uke videos where the sound is still an impression, not the sound of a real uke. That way you can easily adapt to the different tone of the ukulele and your technique while still playing your favourite songs from the 70s.

So a beginner can easily start with an ukulele! But I would definitely think that anyone that is interested in getting in contact with a ukulele player in their local area is going to be able to get a better idea about the different tones than I. Here is what I would do…

Buy an mp3 of David’s beautiful solo (I was pretty happy the recording didn’t have any distortion). Play for 20 minutes on that uke, with as much focus as possible. See if you can learn a few notes and play those easily (e.g. if the uke is a C, you play A and B and G on the same string in your left hand or vice versa).

The soprano ukulele (which I use) has a very low octave. And that is why beginners usually have a difficult time learning to play it. So if you can play the notes easily and play them comfortably like my soprano uke and not worry about it, there is no point in taking a longer or shorter detour with ukulele lessons and having to practice it a few more times to get the sound right.

If you can play notes easily and comfortably, it becomes a much faster process to pick up the ukulele and play it. When you know the notes pretty quickly, it might even become a very enjoyable game for beginners.

Do you have any recommendations for any great beginner music lessons in your area?

I think I’d recommend all of them and some of them are not free. However there really are not that many free beginner music lessons

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