Is a tenor ukulele good for a beginner? – Progressive Beginner Ukulele Book

You can learn all the technicalities of a tenor ukulele right in this lesson. You have already been taught the basics of ukulele instrument, you will master technique such as neck pickup, bridge pickup and neck and bridge pickup, bass and upper/lower harmonics by having lessons on these topics.

What is the difference between one-string ukulele and bass ukulele?

A one-string ukulele is a ukulele which has only one string (the tenor).

The bass ukulele is a ukulele which has two strings (the tenor and the bass).

When a one-string ukulele is played with four strings, it is called a six-string ukulele.

Bass ukuleles have six strings.

A bass ukulele has four strings on the fretboard.

How do I learn more techniques in my music?

Take lessons, practice and study with an instructor.

How do ukulele lessons fit together?

Learn about bass ukuleles and ukulele picking styles with a ukulele in your guitar pack before buying the first lesson at e-Learning.

Use our convenient online lessons library to help you get started with your ukulele. This library also offers a great selection of ukulele lessons that covers everything from beginner to advanced!

How can I get a free ukulele kit for teaching lessons?

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