Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – How To Learn Easy Ukulele Chords

Yes and no. A typical fingerpicking pattern will have about six to eight notes per octave. While there are certainly some strumming finger shapes, the majority of fingerpicking fingerpatterns are fairly smooth and even.

This is often referred to as fingerpicking “soft rock”, and is one of the reasons why most guitarists gravitate towards the sound of rock guitarists.

The easiest way to explain how fingerpicking feels is to pick a string and move it up and down. This makes a sharp sound that is pleasing to the ear. If the picking is performed too quickly, or if it’s too much of an effort, the hand can feel too stiff or the fingers can move too quickly.

In this example, we first play a soft fingerpicking pattern, and then make the pick move up and down with the string. It’s similar to what is called a finger-picking style pattern. Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter ...
On this fingerpicking pattern, you can see that I picked the string with my pinky while moving it up and down, and it makes the picking sound smoother. In this way, fingerpicking is more like rock guitar, making it more similar to a guitar player’s technique.

Other patterns from this same lesson:

The next four patterns are similar to fingerpicking, except for several changes in direction – but the notes are different. These patterns are used to add some spark to your playing and to add interest to the music.

For example, the second pattern is almost the same as a fingerpicking pattern, except for the fact that when I pick the string with my pinky, I move the pick up at the highest point in the pattern.

In this pattern, you can see that the string moves smoothly along the way and that the notes are sharp. The notes here are quite easy to make, but if the note is too sharp, the notes might sound hollow.

In this pattern, I could have made it a little softer by placing slightly more tension on the string, but overall this pattern is the same.

This pattern is very similar to a fingerpicking style pattern. On this pattern, you can see that I use my pinky pick to move the string up and down, but I could also make it softer by making it a little thicker. In this way, it’s a little more difficult to make the notes sharp.

As you can see, different patterns and approaches can be used depending on the reason for playing this

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