Is flute harder than violin? – Beginners Ukulele Chords Songs

In an age when more and more people are trying their hand at art and music, music teachers do everything in their power to make students feel confident and satisfied before they even begin to play. A flute is a very well-suited instrument for that particular purpose; a flute can be learned and tuned in a very short time, and it’s relatively easy to play with many hands.

In addition to performing music, it can also be used as a percussion instrument and a drumming instrument.

“I really don’t know anything about music”

If you’re reading this and are unsure about performing music well, I can’t emphasise enough that this is no reason to give up on flutes. You may still get by with just one.

But for you to truly experience and express yourself as much as possible, flutes are a wonderful option.

“I like doing things in a more traditional manner”

Again, this is not at all a reason to give up on flutes. If it sounds like you’ve been practicing hard, it means you’re learning quickly. To see what really comes next is what you should be focusing on. Flutes are definitely a great way to get in shape and express yourself as much as possible.

“I don’t know anything about flutes – I can’t teach them”

Again – when you ask this question, the answer is yes. You’re the one who can learn! This is not an excuse!

“I don’t know how to pitch the flute; I haven’t been taught that”

Somewhere Over The Rainbow #guitarchordstablature ...
There is so much information on music theory, performance practice and other stuff about flutes out there on the internet that I strongly recommend starting with this video. If you haven’t already, start by watching this two minute video!

“I want to play a flute!”

This is a tough one, but it probably comes down to two things:

Do you like playing music?

Are you committed? Don’t just say “yeah”

This is one of the most common types of flute buying decisions – it is one that should be made in the first few minutes of your phone call with the fluta shop. But it’s important, because this decision is something that takes a lot of work from both the buyer AND the seller.

To begin with, when you’re just getting started with flutes, it’s best to ask all your questions

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