Is flute harder than violin? – Justin Guitar Ukulele Songs

You need to answer that for yourself. Try it on for size and see if you find that the answer is indeed “flute.” If not, there are other instruments that can be used to make it easier on the lungs by making them “feel” as if they are made out of fluteless flutes.

Also try a flute-lubed flute. This is a technique of using a flute with a lubed or rolled bell to produce sound.

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Fox News reporter Ed Henry was asked a tough question about Hillary Clinton by a young voter in Pennsylvania. The student asked, “I know you’re a Republican but can you explain to me as a young voter why Hillary is a terrible candidate?” He was immediately slammed with the line, “She’s a liar!” He was then told to shut up. Ed gave that answer over and over again. That line is really one of the more vile lines any journalist could throw at a voter, and that’s saying something. I don’t know if it’s fair to say that the Fox News press corps is a racist, but when it comes to Trump, they are in bed with the white supremacist movement.

Ed didn’t just throw a racist line at a voter, he also threw a sexist line at Bill Clinton.

Bill says that Hillary should have never run against him because she was too young. The young woman then asked if it was OK to have a female president, “She’s a liar!” Bill responded, “She’s an adulterer!” The young student then asked why Hillary’s husband was willing to go back and forth with her regarding her marital infidelity. Bill responded,

“You know it’s hard to have an adult discussion with someone who had an affair with a 15 year old that was not only cheating, but she had a tape of the affair, and she’s got the tape up on her own website. You can’t talk about sex like that to anybody. When you cheat, when you have sexual relations outside of marriage, that is a crime, and that should have been one of the first topics of conversation she’s ever had with anyone.”

Hillary has accused Donald Trump of engaging in an “adult conversation” with Bill Clinton, when he had the audacity to have an affair, and he didn’t. He tried to explain it away by trying to talk about things Bill Clinton did before their affair,

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