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The ukulele is not too difficult to learn because it is very flexible. It would take most people about 10 min to learn it. If you know how to play it, it is quite easy to play it. The ukulele is a very flexible instrument.

How many songs have you written?

I write quite a few songs. It depends on the song but around 5 to 10 songs. There are many different versions from different people. I like to write short songs.

Do you like to do interviews?

I like to do interviews but with the ukulele. I don’t really like doing interviews with guitars.

What do you think of guitar players in America?

The thing that bothers me about guitar music in America is the use of guitar in every song and no real interest in what it’s about. The songs are made for the guitar. I think that guitar is important in songs, but no interest in the people that make it. That’s why for most songs i chose not to show the lyrics.

If the music is too simple in your opinion, is it too much a gimmick to sell records?
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I don’t think so. Music should be original, not made for the music, and not just for the guitar. Some people love rock, some love blues, and some are into hip-hop.

Do you have any thoughts to share regarding what has been your greatest challenges and inspirations as a musician?

The biggest challenge was having friends that listened to the songs that i wrote. I had a few friends from the band and I thought we would do music together. I was not sure what I thought we could achieve yet. I thought we would make records, but in all honesty I was not sure what we could do. Now I think our albums are more popular than ever, and I have many more friends than I have albums.

I have a great many songs and I think people like them a lot, but I was doing it alone at the beginning. Now I do have a group of friends that listen to my songs a lot. In music you always have something to say, even if you have a solo and no one else wants it, you need to say it. It takes some time.

What does you think about the current state of your playing?

I think it is getting better and better. I have always thought about the way that I play and I’ve always

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