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or piano is better than drumkit?

The most popular answer for a person to give is how they feel after playing. What I do, which is a bit of a challenge when I am out in the field, is actually ask these questions to other people.

The last time I came across this on the forum was a few weeks ago and there are no easy answers so I’d like to ask what your preferred methods are for practicing, and how much is too much. This is my own personal answer.

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I like to practice to work on my instrument, to get a feeling for it, to be able to play a particular part easily. This can take several hours and it is not worth doing if I feel my fingers are getting tired.

I do not like to play too many notes in a short period of time. In fact sometimes I feel like spending more time reading or something rather than play. I’ve found that the practice of picking and picking with notes at different times works best so this is my personal philosophy for practicing.

What should I play that is easy for me and comfortable?

I know that in the last few months many people have been talking about how they can make the music they like even more accessible through more accessibility.

If the instrument isn’t difficult to play then it shouldn’t be used for singing.

I would also say that there is no such thing as the “perfect” guitar player. There are plenty of people that can play all the great sounds they know but can’t always find that comfortable. I will be playing my piano now with a smaller scale than it had previously. I use it as a way of taking my guitar up a notch by making it feel more warm, and easier. Having a smaller scale (1.1 or 1.2 if I can switch) makes the scale more enjoyable and I feel the more different keys I play, the more fun I will have. Playing smaller scales has also made it easier to get a feel for how the instrument sounds by having a clear understanding of what notes are there vs what notes are on the beat. (I don’t have to think about the 1.5-2.5 notes on my finger when playing the scale).

It is great to have a clear picture of what you want as you practice, but what you play, how you play it, where and how are important traits to having the best potential performance. Playing music this way is not just something that requires great ears or

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