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If you want to learn about the different options for sopranos, try this post by Andrew Zuckerman.

If you’re considering a concert ukulele, here are some recommendations for the most comfortable acoustic model:

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The government announced the latest round of changes to its controversial surveillance powers today, including a move to introduce the surveillance commissioner role – something Labour and SNP MPs have already called for.

The Investigatory Powers Bill is designed to make the police and intelligence agencies more accountable to parliament. It is designed to force them to hold “public” more and more closely and give more oversight to oversight in private.

Labour, the SNP and Liberal Democrats have made opposition to the bill their number one issue this week, demanding more information about the government’s plans. The Liberal Democrats have also called for a public inquiry into the issue.

In addition to the move to implement the commissioner role, the government promised to overhaul the way the act works to make it more transparent. There are currently about 500,000 people who are eligible to hold communications data warrants but only around 300 can.

A number of other changes – including a ban on the use of intercept warrants to hack into computers – have also been announced.

How your vote may impact on how much your communications data is accessed

The legislation will be passed by the House of Commons today (Wednesday) to begin the public consultation period. It will go through the House of Lords on Thursday and before it becomes law the Government’s plans for communications data have to be confirmed by Nick Clegg in both Houses. If Clegg declines the chance the legislation is brought to parliament he risks becoming the first Lib Dem leader to fall from power at the next general election.

The Bill will require an amendment in Parliament before being signed into law in April 2011, giving time to inform the House of Commons and the Lords.

It will also require a bill of rights to accompany the legislation – similar to the American constitution.

From Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki

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Crowns. So much to know about them, so little time to do it.

The Crown is an object and concept from Discworld mythology which, by nature of its presence in the universe, cannot be explained.

The symbol on the crown is an inverted cross, like a cross between a human skull and a crown of thorns (to denote the fact that the Crown is a magical

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