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The most common questions about the tenor ukulele come from those new to the instrument, and especially those who are unfamiliar with the classical tradition. While the tenor ukulele is not an inherently difficult instrument, it can be a little intimidating until you get used to the instrument’s complex set of strings. This section discusses tenors and concert tenors, and then gives an overview of classical ukulele techniques.

In order to find the next step towards becoming a more proficient tenor ukulele player, you need to learn the basic fundamentals of the instrument, such as proper playing technique, tone quality, tone setting, and tuner adjustments. As you learn how to play the tenor ukulele, you will also learn about the different types of ukulele instruments, including tenors, concert ukuleles, and concert tenors.


There are several common types of tenors in classical music today, but the most common is the baritone ukulele.

The baritone ukulele has a more balanced sound than the tenor ukulele of the 1800s and 1830s and is therefore more suited to a range of songs. Some famous examples are:

The Baritone Uke is known for its lively, robust sound, great range and excellent articulation.

The baritone ukulele has an expressive tone, rich tone quality, and powerful, expressive chords. Some popular baritone ukuleles include the American Baritone, the French Guillotine and the Russian Miron .

. The baritone ukulele is a popular choice in classical music in the classical repertoire, such as Liszt’s “Requiem” and Handel’s “Requiem, Op. 72”

The classic tenor ukulele, also known as the Baritone Tenor, is also a popular choice in contemporary music throughout the world.

Concert Tenors

The concert tenor ukulele is also typically regarded as a “high-quality” tenor. Concert tenors are traditionally trained by the great concert tenor baritone Enrico Caruso.

The concert tenor is a highly expressive, expressive instrument, with unique character and qualities which appeal to many musicians. Concert tenors are the best instrument for playing both high-tempo and slow-paced music. Some classic concerts include:

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