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As the ukulele is often tuned for use outdoors, a pick with a solid edge should be applied to avoid the pick picking the string, which is not suitable for the ukulele’s intended use. A pick which is too sharp can damage a string as it strikes the surface. The string should be cleaned by rubbing it with a soft stick, and also by rolling the string under a pick, allowing the edge to rub against the string before re-tune.

When using a pick, be careful to not pick the sound of the ukulele over the sound of your instrument, as it can be quite tricky to balance. The pick should also be set with a flat edge, so that the sound will not be affected by any vibrations coming from the ukulele.

Which picks should I buy for my ukulele?

A good ukulele to have is one with a solid pick tip and a round, flat or flared neck, as these are essential to ensure that the sound can be picked without damaging the strings, or the ukulele. Pick tips should be made from wood, or synthetic and leather, and should have a smooth surface, so that they have a good grip on the strings. Wood picks have a tendency to pick away at the string after they touch it, which could damage it. Also, you will find that some other pick choices are better suited for specific circumstances, and you will need to experiment to find the one that fits your needs.
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