Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Patterns Chuck

You should use the pick on your uke unless you already know how to use them. I’ve tried to follow this guide on how to pick a pick correctly and I haven’t found anything really wrong with mine (except the pick is on a very low freq, I can’t get that high without the ukulele).

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This guide is by /u/gudgeon

Laning Phase [ edit ]

Gank [ edit ]

In this phase, we want to try to push towers and secure the lane as quickly as possible. As a general rule, we want to avoid initiating into fights, and try to minimize our losses. Most notably, we try not to engage in fights when not under a tower (unless we are certain they are about to die) and don’t want to stand in lane for too long if it will only add to their time lost. We don’t want to engage fights if we are out pushed (if someone else is coming you need to move out of the way and focus down the other tower in the area first). It is generally best to not push, however, unless you are getting ganked and have no other choice.

If your lanes are about equal it should be easy to gank the enemy mid or top at least once. The way out of lane is if the enemy are not pushing their camps and your opponent is still in lane, then you can run back and join the party where they will still have the time.

Push the wave [ edit ]

The first part of the lane is when you want to push the wave. In all cases, we are looking to do this while the lane is pushed, because a push will give us more experience and gold, and this is a huge win. It gives a lot of pressure to the enemy’s tower, which is always a good thing.

As an early indication, in mid lane we are the ones pushing the wave; in the jungle most of the time the ganking is done by the enemy jungler who gets there a few seconds before it is the enemy mid in the middle. We want to push the wave as early as possible to increase our chances of having kills in the early to mid game and to push towers.

There should be a clear split between pushing the enemy jungle (in the mid lane) and pushing the enemy mid (in the main jungle). You want to ensure that you are

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