Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Ukulele Manual

I use the pick with my ukulele but I do prefer more of a pick sound to the ukulele’s. You can use my pick with any ukulele you find.

Can you send me my order with a tracking number after the order is placed?

We do send you an express shipping option after your order is placed and you select Express. This provides you with the opportunity to upgrade shipping to a 2-3 day delivery option. You can upgrade an express shipping option in the checkout to the standard one at any time. If you do so, we can adjust the price for you as applicable.

What is the difference in shipping and tracking with Express?

Express shipping (includes up to 7 day delivery) is available upon request (see below for upgrade option) and includes a tracking number. If you prefer to pay for shipping when you place your order and then use our upgrade option to track your order, be certain to select Express shipping in the checkout. If Express shipping is selected at checkout, you will be able to track your order by logging in to your account with your shipping information. There is a $20.00 charge in addition to this for use of the Express option in our system to track your order. Once your order has been completed, you may be asked to pay the remainder of the amount due upon delivery. However, your order may take longer to process if you do not select Express on the order form. Additionally, if you already added a tracking number to your order (if Express shipping is selected), you will continue to receive tracking information for items shipped to your address until the Express option is changed in the checkout and you select the standard shipping option.

What happens if I don’t pick up my order?

We do not offer pick-up service for international orders. If we find that your item is damaged during shipping, we may charge you for replacement. If you are not able to pick up your order, a replacement will be provided if one is not available. Our policy in this regard also covers shipping to overseas destinations.

What if I have a question but cannot find the answer on this website?

Please contact us or visit our store. We are a team of talented and passionate individuals that share a love of music. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for technical assistance and questions, or to discuss special offers we can make for you (see our policy for details).

What if I prefer to pay using

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