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In the world of classical music, we have a very broad spectrum, each of which is very different to another. We have:






A note about the music of Chopin: The French name of the piano is the piano du grand quartier, not the piano du barre.

Let’s get a bit more technical, because music is a tricky subject. The piano is basically a piece of wooden or metal frame, suspended by a string, and used to play some kind of music. The “string” of the piano is called the “Piano-string.” In the case of the music of Chopin, it consists of three strings (which are named to correspond with the chords of the piano), which vibrate the piano as the sound is produced, and are fixed.

There are a million types of musical instruments that we do not talk to very much… they are called instruments of “harmony” and “symphony” by composers.

Let’s look at some examples.
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Let’s move into the music of the piano du grand quartier first. In this type of music, every chord consists of three notes. The first note, on the piano, is “I,” one of the three tones in the octave. Two notes below that, in the octaves, are the second and third notes of the same octave. On the next note, another note below that in the octaves, a fourth note is added, in the octaves, to make a fifth note. In the octaves, the piano always plays the same note of the fourth octave, even if it is below or above the second note. This is the “Piano-Chord” of the piano.

And since we are talking about harmony, the piano also plays “I, O, E, S, T, D” of those chords (or “Piano-Cords” as they are called here). There are two other types of chords as well, called the “Carpenter” and the “Drums” chords.

Now let’s try out Chopin at his best on his first solo piano concerto, written in 1790. The first, with the first note of the guitar of 1779, starts with the ”

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