What do you call someone that plays the bass? – Youtube Learn How To Play The Ukulele Song

They’re known as the bassist who is the lead guitarist. If you think about it, they play the bass because they have an ear for melody. I’m a big fan of a bass player that has no ear for melody or a little, kind of, melody, a little bit of groove.

Where do you have some of your most famous bass lines in the rock ‘n’ roll records?

When I did the song “Walk Like an Egyptian,” it’s probably the most bass-heavy thing that I ever recorded. It’s a lot of my early days, so it’s got a lot of those bass lines.

Was the way you used your bass in that recording inspired by the way you used your drums?

It was inspired. The thing is, you’re going to hear a lot of bass guitar and drums and rhythm guitar as well, but the bass and drums were always going to be there. There’s nothing you can do, nothing you can do to make them sit out of place. So, we were just making sure that there would be a certain rhythm to it.

And in the song “Hey, Hey, Hey, What Are You Doing, Kenny?” which is a new record, I have a certain kind of rhythm guitar line that goes from A to Y. It’s a big melody. The key to it is the whole song, the chorus and the hook where you hear the guitar and the bass play back and forth in harmony. This was sort of something I was thinking about, to see if I could get to a song, something new.

You’ve described yourself as someone who is always trying to find a better way to do something that you love. This may be one of your newer ways to do things, even if its just one more thing. How do you try to balance your work and personal life with playing?

You can’t just leave the house and do it. You have to have some things to do. You’ve got to have to be in the studio, in your studio. You’ve got to do your shows, your festivals, you’ve got to have to put on a show. So every day I have to spend a lot of time on my own. But I think, as long as I get out there, and you get your work done, there should be an interesting way to do it.

So, you never really plan everything all that well, but how does your head get in the way

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