What finger do you strum a ukulele with? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Patterns

What sound do you invent? That is the problem, and that is why, right now, we need your help. In order for your instrument to be successful in the marketplace, it must be fun and interesting.

This is not the place to post pictures of your instrument or your band. No picture of a lute is complete unless it’s accompanied by your own personal description of its looks. All other details of your instrument will be kept strictly confidential to the best of your abilities. If we need anything, we’ll ask. It is your responsibility to do that. If you want to post, be careful. If your posting causes us to delete photos, take the blame. We won’t delete anything, we want photos if possible. For posting pictures that are critical of us, we may be able to re-post them, but that would be a huge burden, and it would be a huge, big mistake to ask people to do that. As for things you can post, be sure to post at least four good reasons why your posting will be good for your instrument.

We are a small team who can’t make much money posting on our own, so if you have no idea what you’re doing, or just don’t want to, this place is not for you.

If we can give away some of our stuff for free, we would be most appreciative. Please post your free stuff here. Don’t forget about that: we’re not here to get your stuff, this place is for you to post the songs that you make with your uke or lute, to find your way to your friends or play with people who like your instrument.

If you want to offer feedback, a link to a review, or something similar, please use a comment. That way, we can hear both sides of the idea you’re working on and what we know about it.
Ukulele Tutorial: Flamenco Strum - YouTube (With images ...

Please also be nice when posting. This is a very small group that wants to create some fun stuff – and, frankly, to get music shared with our friends. If a comment is racist, sexist, or disrespectful of any other people’s work, we will not accept it and will take no responsibility for anything it says. Use your comments to offer suggestions or praise about other people’s work.

If that sounds great, please don’t hesitate to add us for contact or to ask if you’re interested in anything we post or the community at large. Thank you for being a part of The Music Project.

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