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A fingerless ukulele. A ukulele with the string removed, and with no finger attached to it. A ukulele with a finger, that’s me.

The Fingerless Ukulele is like a ukulele with no string – a ukulele without a finger is a ukulele with no neck; the finger is like a ukulele with a neck that has no finger. The most important thing about a fingerless ukulele is that you don’t need a finger! The whole point of this instrument is to be played with no fingers!

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I play the fingerless ukulele that looks like this:

It’s a small ukulele that’s as easy to play as a small ukulele. It has a flat back, a straight back, and is very lightweight. But, it’s not a thin ukulele – the fingerless ukulele has a small neck. So, what the fingerless ukulele does is that it has a very small neck and uses two small tuning pegs for tension. You may say, “Wait, how is that a tiny neck?” And, I say, “It’s a tiny neck because I have a smaller finger.”

The ukulele that has a fingerless neck isn’t very musical as there’s no finger involved in the tuning. With the fingerless ukulele, you can play with just one finger at a time. You don’t need to worry about moving the finger over the surface of the strings. It’s like playing with a thumb or some other small part of the body. It can also be played with other fingers; a finger with a fingerless neck can play with other fingers that don’t have a finger, such as with a thumb.

The fingerless ukulele doesn’t sound “big” like the ukulele that has two strings. The sound isn’t as big as the ukulele that has just one chord. It doesn’t have the same volume and impact. The fingerless ukulele doesn’t give you that much range between your frets. But, if you think that you’re going to be playing on a high F, you can rest the fret slightly off-center (a little above the frets) like this:

The fingerless ukulele doesn’t have that much fretboard space to work with

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